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List of ZF 5HP19 Variants for Europe (or outside of North America)

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I'm in the unfortunate situation where my automatic transmission is now due for replacement. Looking into my options I have also looked to swap my transmission for a used one. What I ran into was a lot of transmissions with unknown model numbers to me and mislabelled models. One will fit a 320i while it was obvious it came from a 330i.
Also a thread on the compatibility of the 5HP19 between engines by @burntoutrubber made me wonder what euro spec transmissions would work on my car (a 2004 320i touring). Also what models of the 5HP19 are actually available here in the EU. Information on the various EU models is hard to find in comparison to the North American versions, so I did a bit of digging.

After a bit of research in the European ZF parts catalog and RealOEM I came up with the list below. I am not claiming this list is complete or entirely correct. It did give me a bit more insight into what could work on my car. Hopefully this info can help someone else. If anyone can elaborate or rectify the list, that would be great.

ZF 5HP19 ModelE46 modelProduction yearHorse PowerEngine modelTorque converterWeight Torque converter (RealOEM)Variants (incomplete)Other
1060000004320i10-1999 / 09-2000150 HPM52B20K309,270 KgPM
1060000005323i03-1998 / 09-2000170 HPM52B25D5111,690 KgTW
1060000006328i02-1998 / 06-2000192 HPM52B28S3312,775 KgSA
1060000008320i09-2000 / 02-2005170 HPM54B22T519,050 KgTN
1060000009325i09-2000 / 02-2005192 HPM54B25C5112 Kg?009 Only for North America?
1060000010330i06-2000 / 08-2006231 HPM54B30U6113,100 KgTU
1060000011325i09-2000 / 02-2005192 HPM54B25D51
C51 for TT variant
11,690 Kg
12 Kg
TW = Standard
TT = Shorter final drive ratio
323i also referenced as compatible via ZF

For the NA market the 008 and 009 models are identical with exception of the torque converter. The 010 model is for the 330i and has different clutches, TCC, valve body, and torque converter due to higher power and torque.

The assumption I am making at this point is that the only outlier in this list is the 010. All the other models are identical with exception of the torque converter. I found a good 011 for a very decent price so I am taking the gamble it will work in my 320. Fingers crossed.

*Edited to add weights of TC.
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I'm in a similar situation to you. 5th gear is starting to slip. Looking at going from a 009 to a 010 on B25.

I saw @burntoutrubber 's thread about the variants as well but I can't find anything about the torque converter differences. Are they just more resistant to damage at the higher torques or do they have different stall speeds/torque multipliers?

All I can tell so far is the gearing is the same on all, 010 has an extra clutch pack + different lock up clutch, and different torque converter on all.
I think I'm going to give it a go with the 010 and flash the computer with the egs software for the 010.
So, I installed a 010TU transmission in place of my 009 - is there a certain year or model of car that had that transmission that I can try the zusb from? Do different software versions account for different stall speeds or is it just shift points?
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