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This question comes up a lot when people want to add an amp and maintain the factory head unit. because the factory head unit outputs a balanced signal you either need a converter to convert from balanced to standard rca's or an amp or processor that will directly accept a balanced signal. Either way, the signal should be taken from the inputs to the factory amp and not from the outputs to the speakers because that signal is already crossed over and proccesed.

in most cases using an amp or proccesor that accepts the balanced signal directly is a better choice because the less components you put in your audio chain the cleaner the signal will be. the problem is that there only seems to be a limited number of aftermarket products out there that can directly accept balanced signals. what i would like to do (with everyones help) is put together a detailed list of amps and processors that have been verified to be directly compatible with the factory e46 head units balanced signal. i will do my best to start the list with some of the basic known brands. i don't have exact model numbers so please feel free to add on or correct me if i'm wrong.

-Alpine PDX amps (all)
-most new and old Xtant amps
-most JL Audio amps (all)
-Zapco amps (all)
-US Amps
-older Phoenix gold eq's and x-overs and some amps? not sure about the new stuff
-some A/D/S amps? (I doubt it, as the most known thread about upgrading the E46 system is based on an A/D/S amp non-compatibility with balanced signals)
-older JBL amps with universal interface (on high level input) (correct)
-most Audiocontrol products (all)

please contribute to the list or make known corrections. Thanks!:hi:
See above... :hi:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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