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ok,I have a 99 323I recently failed smog.Found a tear in upper intake boot,replaced it,checked lower its good.Changed plugs,oil,o2sensors (pre cat) removed and cleaned maf and air box and filter.
Car is running fine until,I merge onto the fwy after a 360 turn accelerate then the gear with the ! Shows up.:banghead:
I PULL over turn car off- it goes away and I am able to drive again normally until this same onramp again.
Code reader is giving me a p1188 fuel bank sensor.
Are these related,if so what is it?
The limp mode only happens at this one onramp believe it or not. Maybe it is fuel delivery due to the gas swishing to one side of the tank before acceleration.?
Any ideas are greatly appreciated,I need to pass smog...and am at a loss.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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