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I have been trying to find info on some sort of lighting upgrade solution for my e46. I have been doing some research and haven't really found anything on some of the questions I'm trying to answer. For example, The LCM seems to be very capable but is mostly locked up along with all of its features. But, as I understand, it runs on some sort of bus like the I-bus, or k-bus. So my question is, has anyone developed a graphical interface for it so you can have preset customizations or on the road configurations?

My second question is more on the "update" side. I want to add light chasing angel eyes, RGB fog lights, RGB interior lighting, LED scrolling Blinkers, side markers, and progressive break/stop lights. I saw a video where someone could control the color of his projector lights with his phone, I'm guessing this was done through an RGB Light and a bluetooth connection. Then I found the existence of "light chasing" angel eyes. like this:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaXfGM10FJg

I know there has been devices like the car Kracker that add functionality using the cars own system. So, I'm wondering if anyone has developed an Arduino or Raspberry pi based system that can piggyback on to the LCM and add some cool lighting features.
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