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license plate frame opinion...

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Need opinion for my '04 ti silver 330ci,

black license plate frame?
silver license plate frame?
no license plate frame?

I know it's a minor little thing, but your opinions would be appreciated!
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I thought I'd never say this, but

Well then post them so I can make a decision.
I say no frame. I like a very clean, no flash look. However, this attitude isn't really in keeping with the general feel of this forum.
The rear and the front. I'm not going to push my luck with getting stopped for no front plate. The cops around this area will pull you over in a heartbeat for that.
Well for the rear my vote is on the chrome frame. Can't decide on the front though without pics. We don't require front tag here.
I think the black would be a good contrast with the ti silver but I don't know if it would look cheap or not. If anyone has any pics could you post them please. That would be a big help.
yea i'm in need of some frames too - dont want anything 2 flashy but i need to put something around the plates.....had to mount my front plate yesterday to pass inspection :thumbdwn:
I kind of like these! : puke:


On a more serious note, I'd bail on the frames altogether....looks clean that way.
Yeah..it looks cleaner without a frame.

Here is the chrome frame for comparison.
My car's a silver gray, so it's not exactly the same color, but I'll have pics of both frameless and with a matte black frame if you can wait until tonight.
Chrome frame

I picked up a set of chrome frames from a local autozone, only because I didn't want my plates to get bent or anything. But when I put them on they looked great, both front and back. The frame itself is rather thin, maybe 1/4 inch all the way around. I'll try to post a pic later this evening when I get home from work. But just imagine a 1/4 inch chrome boarder all the way around your plate. It looks sleek and it matches the thin chrome boarder around the roundels.
I don't have one cuz I cant find a frame I like..
:thumbup: I went with the all weather Weather Teach frame from www.bavauto.com It looks great and keeps the plate from rusting and looking crappy. I highly recommend it FWIW.
Anything that doesn't draw attention to itself. Chains, eagles, dealer ads, and other vulgarities
in cheap looking chrome shouldn't be considered. Personally run clear high quality lexan cover with chrome plastic screw caps which were a pain to install but are unobtrusive and go with the rest of the minimal chrome on the e46 coupe rear (don't run front plate until I'm caught).
I have polished stainless steel frames on front and rear. They have a clear lexan cover for the plate. They look like chrome but should be much more durable. They look excellent with my silver gray car and complement the chrome trim on the car.
On my Titanium Silver m3 I've got a chrome holder that says "///M" in the rear and a plain thin chrome holder in the front. Both look clean and classy.
BMWCCA frame comes in black and chrome - it looks pretty cool:dunno:
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