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Hey guys as I've posted in the past here some of you probably know I have a 70D with the 18-55 STM lens and 50mm 1.8 STM.

Anyways. I've been doing small portrait jobs for organizations in college just for money (you can look up Temple Crassfire or DKD Delta Chapter on facebook to see these pictures). While looking around portraits are boring to me. It's the same deal over and over again. I'm trying to branch out and the other day I stumbled across pictures of levitation photography where the subject appears to be floating in mid air.

So while I'm doing all this reading and trying to figure out how to approach it, how many of you guys have tried this? And what tips might you have for me in terms of:
1. Initial composition
2. Lighting
3. Editing

Also, some of the pictures you'll find on google are very obvious that they were photo edited because the person's body has awkward curves caused by the object the used. How do I avoid this and obtain a more natural looking photograph?
Edit: also I'll probably shoot using the 50 prime. I'm really not a fan of the 18-55
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