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Let's DIY aux input cable.

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This is not how to install aux input cable rather how to make it.
Seriously, I don't want to spend about $50 for a stinking cable.
I'm in Canada and usually BMW parts are more expensive than US.

Let's get started.

1. This was male on both end and I just cut one side.

2. Close up

3. Some people might wonder what this is.

This is a cable that I found from my old computer I was about to throw away. This pin connects to motherboard for power switch, reset switch, hdd led, power led, etc.
Do not cut the other end of this cable, just pull the pins out. It will help you to solder it. :)

4. See? It is so much easier to connect them to solder it.

5. 3 small and 1 big heat shrink tube.

6. Ok. It is done.

7. From HU, pin 8,9(left,right or right,left don't care too much. :D ) and pin 4(ground) need to be connected.
You will be surprised how well it fits. :D

8. Finished

Total cost $0. Because I found everthing I need at home and it works great. :D
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I'm trying to get this to work on 05 plate UK car and just don't work I tried with resistors ect. and with out, nothing, what am I doing wrong?

SV 09-05 630

Can you help?
Well, what have you done so far? What kind of wires are you using, etc. would be a good start.
I don't know if this has been answered already but will this type of mod work on a 2001 330ci with navigation? It also had a cd changer in the trunk.

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Hello guys. I have this model unit (PH7090):

Maybe someone know, how to check manufacture date and SW version? Please, very very need help!
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thanks op used this one two cars already and it was perfect diy
anyone has a link for the DIY to make the charging work?
anyone has a link for the DIY to make the charging work?
it's somewhere a few pages back
I did it, no splicing.

1) insert aftermarket stereo
2) insert headphone jack M to F and run down around back installing aux port through sunglasses holder

Hello, i have problem, my radio sv is 49-03 540, sn 31287564, made in 12-2003. I do everythink like in diy but it do not work, can someone help?
Is this six cable hooked into the audio device?

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Is this six cable hooked into the audio device?

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I am not sure this helps, its the only picture I got with a google image search (I know its not good)
But are you talking about this connector on the back of the unit?

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I could do this DIY, but I don't have the time to put it all together right now, and I'm trying to do my Parrot/Connects/Aux installation all at once.

I sent a message to the eBay seller for this link:
to inquire whether or not the device (iPod/iPhone) would charge properly with this cable. The listing shows images of a small box inline, which should be the location of the resistors/capacitors, but I want to be certain before I order something. I haven't heard anything from the seller yet. Has anyone tried this cable from eBay?_nr_
I just tried to make this cable and I got really bad audio quality. Weak distorted bass and static like mids.

I use .22uf 16v capacitors and 3 100k ohm resistors soldered to give me almost exactly 300k ohms (I checked with a meter)

Wired it up with capacitors on both left and right channels, and the resistor bridging both left and right.

I made a second cable with no resistors or capacitors and the audio quality is way better.

has anyone else had this problem?
bmw business cd

I just found a November 2002 bmw business cd Hu at the salvage yard for 40 bucks. Works perfect too. Waiting on aux kit to get here in the mail
i'm trying to do the same for my friends 2005 E83 X3 and its not working, aux shows up on the display for a few seconds than it goes away, its basically the same bussiness Head Unit and the fact that it pops up and plays for a few seconds and stops is really pissing me off.
any ideas????
Did you ever find a fux for that, mine is doing the same thing. I order the retro fit from ecstuning.
Does the aux mode show up (or get detected) after the aux cable is plugged into the back of the unit?

I have a business CD unit with a mode button that I can use to change to CD Stacker.

2003 e46
Interesting that many of you are installing capacitors and such in your wires. I just upgraded my 2001 HU to one from a 2003 and I had a wire with headphones jacks at both end. I cut one end off and soldered it into an old hard drive ribbon cable and plugged it in the radio and aux-in is working great.
Thanks much for the DIY. I have an Sirius ezy go onyx radio connected through the input and wanted to post the process in case anyone else came across this issue.
First, installed a cable off ebay. Was able to get sound out of iPhone that was pretty good about a 20% lose of sound compared to radio. Hooked up Sirius and had about 80% lose and a bad hiss in the back ground. I thought it might also be the electrical issue after researching on this post.
descided to get the resistor and capisitors. Built according to the pdf diagram and installed. and then used my wifes car as the power source.
Hooked up the iPhone and same, same. About a 20% lose of sound compared to the radio. Sirius had same sound level as the iPhone but still had hiss. Decided to look through the "toogles" on the sirius radio and found a "Auto select" on or off that was off. I turned it on and tada... sound is good through Sirius.
I will eventually put in the Blitzsafe and XM tuner to have controlls through the car. Then the bluetooth option. Anyway... Thanks again to OP for putting this up and all the posted that posted relevant information. It was a lot of reading , but very helpful.
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I still want to know if anyone has found an "always on" solution that doesn't kill the bass response?
unless you can get the sound through the additional "cd" side... I don't see a way as far as a cable.
There is always the aftermarket components like blitz safe and others.
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