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Let's DIY aux input cable.

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This is not how to install aux input cable rather how to make it.
Seriously, I don't want to spend about $50 for a stinking cable.
I'm in Canada and usually BMW parts are more expensive than US.

Let's get started.

1. This was male on both end and I just cut one side.

2. Close up

3. Some people might wonder what this is.

This is a cable that I found from my old computer I was about to throw away. This pin connects to motherboard for power switch, reset switch, hdd led, power led, etc.
Do not cut the other end of this cable, just pull the pins out. It will help you to solder it. :)

4. See? It is so much easier to connect them to solder it.

5. 3 small and 1 big heat shrink tube.

6. Ok. It is done.

7. From HU, pin 8,9(left,right or right,left don't care too much. :D ) and pin 4(ground) need to be connected.
You will be surprised how well it fits. :D

8. Finished

Total cost $0. Because I found everthing I need at home and it works great. :D
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I guess I'm in a habit of resurrecting old threads recently, but I've bought a cable but I'm not seeing any AUX on my CD53 unit.
Car is built in November of 2001 and contains a BMW Business CD unit with MODE button.
In their ad it says: “This cable will enable AUX mode on your August 2002 or later Business CD head-unit.", which might be explaining the situation.

I've read that some of the cables require 100kOhm capacitor and 0,22microFarads resistors.

Looking for some help in resolving this problem. Appreciate any replies or hints how to fix it.

This is the cable: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Aud...40654970.html?spm=2114.search0302.4.13.VU1AYG

One side note. I think some time ago I've might have seen AUX label appear when selecting MODE. However I haven't seen it for some time now and I'm not getting AUX option now.
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I may be wrong, but I think I have the same region 320 as you. Aux didn't work for me either. My other option was to go down a route that involved messing with the CD changer and adding some adapters back there (in the boot space).
Would you consider getting a new head unit? I got a Windows CE touch screen off EBay for £200. Not the best unit in the world, but has decent connectivity options and looks almost OEM.
For that amount of money I would rather buy Pioneer or Kenwood or Alpine 1 DIN unit and be done with it. They support 2x USB, have full Bluetooth support, SD cards, AUX, MP3 CD... The goal is to keep it stock, but at some point you have to check the odds and see the trade off.

Your unit looks very nice. Also, you have the steering wheel on the wrong side! :d
I've bought a plain E46 AUX cable with only connectors on each end (nothing in the middle). AUX didn't switch on. Then, I've tried adding resistors and capacitors to it, as shown on the schematics but it failed to show AUX.
So... What now?
The cable was just not up to specs. Whoever created it never even bothered to make it actually work. I've went to a specialist cable electrician who made it for me. After that it worked fine.
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