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I have a 2002 M3 with bi-xenons. you have auto leveling control (newer car). The way that the bi-xenons, the halogens, and fog lights work is all controlled by coding in the light control module. There are quite a few different ways that things can be coded. Different markets around the world have different regulations about automotive lighting... I can tell you what I know about the available coding options for my car (I'm pretty sure they will either be exactly the same for your car (or VERY close).

I have never done any of this programming (frankly, I'm nervous that I'll click something wrong in the software and "brick" modules in my car), but I have been researching the lighting programming options for my car because I also feel it is pretty stupid to have these lovely inner halogens only function for flash to pass. I started researching it because I thought my car was broken! I installed angel eyes/halos and I was standing in front of the car and I had my son changing the headlights from low to high beam so I could see how it looked with the angel eye rings. Well, when he turned on the high-beams I saw a short burst from the halogens as the xenons opened up to full beam... I thought somehow I had broken something when I installed the halos... Nope... This is how it is SUPPOSED to function.

Anyway, Here goes:
Fog light options:
Stock US programming -- Fog lights will only be able to be turned on if either the (parking/marker) lights or the low-beams are on
Changes that can be programmed: (1) Can be programmed to enable fogs to be turned on without other lights on. (2) Can be programmed to allow fogs to STAY ON when high-beams are activated

DRL options:
Not sure what is stock, but options are (1) no DRL, (2) Halogen DRL, and seemingly based on your post (though I haven't heard this before) (3) Xenon DRL

High-Beam options:
Stock US programming: Xenon shutters open for high-beam. Halogens DO NOT ILLUMINATE (actually they give a tiny blip of light with you turn on the high-beams... It's like a tease...hey look at me... I CAN get power but nope...Not gonna light up!)
Change that can be programmed is to make the Halogens come on along with the Xenon shutter open. I'm sure you can probably make the shutter not open so that the high-beams are halogen only, but I don't know why anyone would want to do this.

Flash to Pass (pulling left stalk toward you):
Stock US Programming: Halogens illuminate with no regard to what other lights are doing (obviously you can't have high beam switch activated and flash to pass at same time since it uses same stalk in two different directions).
I read somewhere on another forum that it is possible to make the bi-xenon high beam activate with flash to pass either along with or instead of the halogens.
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