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The previous owner of my car installed a AUX/Charging cable in the car and when I saw it I was like "oh cool, I don't have to get a new unit" but I didn't bother to ask how it works, which I regret :banghead:.

That wire has been taking space since it is crammed in the storage compartment under the head unit. After a full year and few months, I decided to cut it. I pulled the wire a little and the storage unit came out. This allowed me to cut the wire easier.
I tried yanking the wire a little more to cut it a little lower but as I yanked it, my left speaker stopped working. I moved some wires around to see if it would come back on again, but nothing changed.
Does anyone have any idea what wire I yanked out that made it stop working? What do I have to take out to reach the wire that got disconnected. :hmm:
Thanks !


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