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Left rear output shaft bolt head broken

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Hi all,

Today I was attempting to remove left output shaft for replacing wheel bearing. Too bad these bolts have never been removed in 20 years, totally seized and impact did not help. Stupid me, I ook a long bar and try to remove, due of this action top of bolt head is snapped. Any suggestions?

Thank you very much.


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You could pull the hub out as they are only held by a spring ring and take it somewhere to be fixed as shown by paraklas
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Thanks all, only a little piece ( where torx spline was) snapped off. So part of head is still intact.
I can't take it off or I have to remove trailer arm and diff...
A picture of the snaped bolt will be great
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Thanks too bad I didn't when it was on car lift.
Will try in weekend on jacks...
Only this part is broken.


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I broke one of those suckers once when I torqued these bolts. I had the wrong torque specs, and already was a bit suspicious, but decided to give it a try...

In my case I could take off the shaft, and just remove the part of the bolt with vice grips.

In your case it is different, because still a part of the head is left? Your e-torx sockets don't have enough grip anymore?
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Nope the part ( torx shape is gone). Only head is still remain.
I hate Bmw use this soft bolts.
Does anyone knows the partnumber for black ones, these are stronger....
But if it is too much work.
I will leave as it is, this car ( recently bought) is real disaster.
Everything rusted and broken.

I will then remove complete rear axle and install overhauled one.
Try the chisel method. Carfully and slowlly on the rounded shape. Before, use penetrant oil and tap the head of the bolt with a hammer.
I recently had to use this method to install my new seats (rear, touring) this bolts have red loctite from factory.
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Thanks, chisel will works if not rusted and thread construction as on video.
And I think chisel will only work on short bolts.

In my case it is bolted to differential and bolt head is attached to output shaft flange.
How many bolts broke? You could try welding a nut to where the torx drive was and try to loosen that way.
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The the first one I tried to removed.
After this bolt I stopped, due of time lack and I need the car .....
Or grind off the head completely, so you can at least remove the shaft. Then in case the threads are rusted, you might want to weld on a nut on the remaining part.
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Thanks, are you sure you can remove shaft when threads are still attached.
Even without bolts I have minimum play to remove shaft flange from from flange.
In this case I am doing something wrong?
I thought it only threads in the flange on the differential.
Yes it is, but I mean I can't move shaft flange as far I want to separate... from diff flange.
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