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So, here is the horror story of my LED turn signal install, let's hope somebody here can help me...

I started on my left turn signal, installed the resistor in parallel, and used the included wire taps. After installing the left turn signal I tested it outside the bulb casing and it worked fine. So I put it in the bulb casing and moved on to the right bulb.

The right bulb I did the previous steps only to find that it turns on, but has the bulb-out fast blink. So I figured there was a bad connection between the resistor and the bulb. However, when I put my caution flashers on, it blinks normal speed. Maybe this is how it always is with the caution flashers.

Now, after installing the right bulb, and testing it, I also learned the left bulb is having the bulb-out signal again. Even though it worked perfectly fine outside of the casing...

I'm sure this is an easy fix, but anything would be greatly appreciated.

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