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All regarding my 2000 323i

1 - My hood doesn't close flush. The rubber riser things are ALL the way down. Had to use a plyer to get them low. Helped 80% but need more. I did that with the Air box stuff out. BUT when i put it back, its up a little again.
Its enough where the lever to unlatch the hood sticks out. Any ideas????

-yes the hood has been repainted, so someone screwed something up

2- see pic! What do i do? This pealing of cloth is happening around the car in a few places. DAMN Arizona is TOO HOT! Please let me know the exact type of resin, glue or whatever i need..... I wanna do it right! Its also doing it on the front windshield airbag cloth a little.

3 - I changed the CCV (crank case vent valve) and didnt change the intake boots. Some say they can crack.. I pulled at them pretty hard.. I cant tell. Sprayed mist when car was on, cant tell is there is air moving cuz of electric fan blowing the mist. So that idea didnt work.... Any ideas? Should i just change them?

4 - Where in the trunk exactly is the CD Changer prewire chilling? Its a 2000 323i.

5- NAME THAT SCREW! Found a 7/16 or 12mm nut under my car. Its a shared spot. I just did a lot of work. Can we rule it out? I don't remember any 12's under there when i was doing the Guibo/drop exhaust... Can anyone confirm?

Also found another. I'm sure its from my car - this fall of the heat shield?

6 - Windshield sprayer... Didnt work for years. Cleaned it out, CLRed the pump/motor. 1st try sprayed me in the face... Now, just dribbles. Any ideas? Bad motor? Are they working or dead? Or do they get weak

7 - Paint - (Will add photo) Driver front fender is repainted. Now the top layer is chipping off, and under is the same color. I hate it. Don't want to drop 400 on a repaint for a fender. What can i do to stop the chips or fix?


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