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Today is the last day to join the APEX ARC-8 wheel Group Buy. We are a few members short of even deeper discounts for everyone. As of writing this, everyone is receiving $150 off the set plus free shipping*

APEX ARC-8 Wheel Group Buy Round #3

This Group Buy is for 18x9.5" ET35 and 18x10" ET25 wheels only
Last day to join is August 10th and All Orders ship August 15th

Due to hundreds of requests from members, we are hosting another GroupBuy for the ARC-8 wheels
These two sizes are in stock and ready to ship at the close of the Group Buy, there will be no production wait
Other sizes will be available in upcoming Group Buys as shipments come in
This Group Buy is listed on multiple forums: E46 Fanatics, M3Forums, Bimmerforums, & M3Post
The more members that sign up, the lower the price will be for everyone


Group Buy Discount

There is no minimum member requirement to receive the 1st tier discount!
Discounts increase as additional members sign up for each size
The previous Group Buy reached 49 members and the highest tier level discount possible! Let's do it again!

1 -14 Buyers = $100 OFF SET & FREE Shipping*
15-24 Buyers = $125 OFF SET & FREE Shipping*
25-30 Buyers = $150 OFF SET & FREE Shipping*
31-35 Buyers = $175 OFF SET & FREE Shipping*
36 + Buyers = $200 OFF SET & FREE Shipping*


Official PAID member list:
1. Jason D. 9.5/10
2. Marcus O. 9.5/10
3. Ashley J. 10/10
4. Brian H. 9.5/9.5
5. Chris W. 9.5/9.5
6. Jeffrey H. 9.5/9.5
7. Clint P. 10/10
8. Hutch T. 9.5/9.5
9. Charlie A. 9.5/10
10. Dan A. 9.5/9.5
11. Ken O. 10/10
12. Dorey J. 9.5/9.5
13. Arturo D. 9.5/9.5
14. Cameron M. 9.5/9.5
15. Brandon B. 9.5/9.5
16. Daniel W. 9.5/9.5
17. Robert H. 10/10
18. Preeth S. 10/10
19. Dimple A. 10/10
20. Mark L. 9.5/9.5
21. William M. 10/10
22. William M. 10/10
23. John B. 9.5/9.5
24. Teddi E. 9.5/9.5
25. Liam S. 9.5/9.5
26. Franklin J. 10/10
27. Scott B. 9.5/9.5

unofficial member list:
1. ihateposers - 18x10 et25 - satin black - M3forum
2. DanAvoN7 - 18x9.5 et35 - satin black - M3forum
3. UDM Motorsport - 18x10" ET25 - satin black - bimmerforums
4. ghost04 - 18x10" ET 25 - hyper silver - M3forum
5. uclafan818 - 18x10 et 25 - hyper silver - M3forum
6. ///Magic - 18x9.5 et35 - hyper black - M3forum
7. AudiM3 - 2 18x9.5 et35 satin black and 2 18x10 et25 satin black - M3forum
8. Karuza - 18x9.5 et35 hyper black - m3forum
9. lithium726 - 18x9.5 et35 hyper silver -bimmerforums
10. Juco - 18x9.5 et35 - Hyper Silver - bimmerforums
11. Icedlemontea - 18x9.5 et35 (6)- Satin Black - bimmerforums
12. endofanera7 - 18x10 ET25 satin black - M3forum
13. Somy - 18x9.5 - hyper black -bimmerforums
14. MKpoto - 18x10 ET25 - Hyper Silver - M3post
15. persian54 - 18x10 ET25 - Hyper Silver? - M3post
16. BKm3 - 18x9.5 et35 - Hyper Black - bimmerforums
17. Kalib0y - 18x9.5 et35 - Hyper Black - bimmerforums
18. Suneal - 18x9.5 & 10 (z4m) - Hyper Black - bimmerforum
19. J-M3 - 18x9.5 ET35 / 18x10.5 ET27 - Satin Black - M3forum
20. hdvato - 18x10" ET25 Satin Black - M3forum
21. govnor77 - 18x9.5" ET35 Satin Black - M3forum
22. redice - 18x10 et25 - Anthracite - M3forum
23. AMPowerJ - 18x10 ET25 - Hyper Black - M3post
24. dapopa9 - 18x10" ET25 - Satin Black - M3post
25. M clunk - 18x10" ET25 - Hyper Silver - M3forum
26. T.J. - 18x10" ET25 - Satin Black - m3post
27. goddess7 - 18x9.5" ET35 - Hyper Silver - m3post


18x9.5" ET35 - 18.85lbs - Retail $314 each
18x10" ET25 - 19.95lbs - Retail $324 each


Group Buy Details:

Free Shipping*
Free Shipping is available to members in the 48 mainland states
Alaska, Hawaii, and International members will receive a $75 credit off the actual cost of shipping
non-mainland/international members: please contact us prior to ordering for a shipping quote
We'll either send you an invoice, or a code to adjust your order

Payment and Sign Up:
This Group Buy is now officially open and in the payment collection stage
Adding your name to the list is NOT needed, that was only a preliminary count of interested buyers
Simply proceed to our checkout page or contact us if you are outside of the 48 us states
The last day to sign-up/pay will be August 10th 2011
NO late entries, NO exceptions. This is a limited time Discount
Payment is made in full at the time of check-out
All orders will ship out on August 15th with tracking numbers sent via email

Discount Tiers
The price you pay at sign up is based on how many members are currently signed up
At the close of the Group Buy, everyone's order/payment will be adjusted to the final discount tier reached
At the end, everyone pays the same price
There is zero advantage in signing up at the last minute

There are NO refunds on Group Buy orders. Group Buys are special order, which is why payment is taken in advance
Only replacement of defective, or mis-shipped products are available


Wheel Details:

Manufacturing process:
All APEX wheels are flow-formed resulting in a light weight, track and street worthy wheel
Flow-forming significantly reduces weight in the barrel by rolling the barrel out into it's final shape using large wheels/disks applying high pressure
This step is the same step that monoblock forged wheels go through to shape their barrels
By doing this, the flow-formed wheel's barrel has the same density and strength as the barrel of a fully forged wheel
This significantly reduces rotational mass at the furthest point from the center, which is the most important weight savings area on a wheel.

These wheels are fully JWL/VIA certified. Strength testing was done by the VIA in Japan
Don't be fooled by competitors that claim to be certified, but cannot provide registration numbers
There are vendors on this forum selling wheels that are not certified, yet they claim they are. Scary stuff!
CLICK HERE to see all VIA registration numbers

Comes with carbon-look APEX center caps
Accepts OEM Roundel center caps
Does not come with valve stems
Installs using your factory lugs or a stud conversion
Accepts all wheel spacers including 5mm while still remaining hub-centric
TPMS compatible

Satin Black

Hyper Black


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