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Long story short, the US Customs did a major crackdown recently on HID imports into the United States and siezed over 200 HID kits of mine (its about 215 kits) So, they are releasing them to me on the condition that I ship them internationally to a non-contiguous country. (no canada or mexico).

So, is anyone interested in a large quanitity of HID kits to sell internationally. It's mixed 35w and 55w kits. Mixed bulbs but all 6000k. All slim kits. I'm looking for about $6000 including shipping (OBO), which comes out to less than $30/kit including shipping. Which is a great deal since the 35w slim kits go for AT LEAST $40 overseas and the 55w slims are at least $60 overseas. You can easily make 30+% reselling them.

If anyone is seriously interested, let me know.
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