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Hey everyone,
I'm am looking to make a move out to the LA area in a few months and was wondering if anyone had any input on what everyone might have for me concerning the move/job hunt. I know that LA is a very spread out area so to be more specific I would like to be around Woodland Hills or West Hollywood (somewhere around the 101).

To help, here is a little about me:
I am currently located in Chicago, IL and have my own IT consulting company. In my previous position I was the IT manager for a small medical diagnostic device and testing company. I am looking for something in the IT field but more on the business side then the technical side. I went to school in New York at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and was in the business school with a concentration in management of information systems.. You probably have never heard of it but if interested you can go to www.rpi.edu or google and you can see the type of school it is (Probably similar to CalPoly). Also, I am much more technical then most business school graduates, I do a lot of admin work on Linux, FreeBSD, Windows and network devices. I can also do some light programming.

The problem I have using sites like Monster or Careerbuilder, they are looking for someone with a specific role. I am more of utility infielder that can take the position that is needed, but that doesn't come across well on paper. So I turn to you, fellow forum members, what are some tricks of the LA area job market during these times and where would you suggest I start? Also, is there maybe a better location near LA (within 1-2 hrs) for me to pursue?

Thanks for any input you may have.
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