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DIY kENWOOD KVT-512 ===>PAC OEM2 Converter ===> Wiring Harness Wiring

After several hours on this forum researching for a way to wire all my connections for my new Kenwood KVT-512 I just gave up since I did not find a clear explanation of how to wire it down !! So I went to the Car Stero Shop and paid the $30 bucks to wire the three pieces together and leave it ready for plug-and-play.

I Think this wiring applies to all Kenwood DVD-NAV units BUT since I am only providing this information as a way to help bimmer owners to avoid paying for it, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGES CAUSED TO YOUR UNIT DUE TO A BAD WIRING!! Well, after such a disclaimer, then let's start:

- There are three pieces of your system
1. the Harness that came with your Kenwood Stereo
2. The PAC OEM2 Adapter (I am using this piece since I have a HK System in the car and I was told it needed to be plugged in order to have it working, although I read from someone in this forum that the PAC adapter could be omitted and wired directly to the harness).
3. The harnes that it is going to plug into your OEM socket where your OEM radio was plugged in.

Connection #1: Wires FROM Kenwood Unit to PAC OEM2 Adapter

There are 18 wires running from the KVT-512 harness and there are 18 wires running from the Adapter; only 13 of them should be connected; The ones that SHOULD REMAIN FREE are:

- From the Stereo Harness:

1. Long purple/white wire marked as "reverse"
2. Long bright green wire marked as "PRK SW"
3. Brown wire marked "MUTE"
4. Dark Blue wire marked "ANT CONT"
5. Light blue/yellow wire marked "REMO CONT."

- From the PAC unit INPUT:
1. White/red wire
2. Gray/red wire
3. Violet/red Wire
4. Dark Blue
5. Green/red wire

Now, with the remainin wires just follow Sesame Street Instructions and COLOR MATCH all of them......clear?? Uhmmmm what about yellow-yellow, white/black-white/black, black-black, red-red and so forth!!!

Cool!! First part it's done!! Let's move to the second part of the wiring:

Connection #2: the OUTPUT part of the PAC OEM2 to the RECEIVER WIRING ADAPTOR (Part # 12070-9195).

In this side there are two different sets of wires; 18 color wires as the INPUT side and two sets of black wires marked FRONT & REAR. We are NOT going to use the FRONT & REAR at this time so you can move them away; so there are 18 wires running from the PAC OEM2 and only 13 from the Receiver wiring adapter; the 5 FROM THE PAC that are going to remain free are:

1. White/red wire
2. Gray/red wire
3. Violet/red Wire
4. Dark Blue
5. Green/red wire

Now with the useless wires out fo the way, do the same COLOR MATCHING SESAME STREET workshop as the first part. Use some Zip- ties, grab all the wires together and you will get something like the pictures below.

Total $$$$ used on this:

-BMW Wire Harness (Part number 120709191): $19.99 from crutchfield
- PAC OEM2 (part Number 127OEM2): $ 29.99 from Crutchfield
- Shipping & Handling: $ 6.99

Total Wiring cost: $ 56.97

I hope this post can save you a headache, some bucks and tons of hours of research!! :hi:


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