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Went to NTB to have my Pilot Sports put back on for the Spring/Summer and found that one of the fronts have a nail all the way through!!! They are very worn to begin with so I was planning on replacing them after a few autocrosses and one track day this spring. Well, since it's obviously not too smart to put a patched tire on the track, I'm going to have to replace them now....I'm torn between the Kumho MXs and Toyo T1-S and I'm even considering the Yoko AVS ES100s because they are soo cheap. I'm planning tp go with 245/40/18 & 275/35/18 on stock rims and would like them to last a little longer than the Pilot Sports. Also, I'm not considering the SO-3s because they are too heavy....I'm already adding enough weight with the bigger tires. What should I go with???
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