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G'day everyone
I'm Eliot and I own a 330xi manual from 2002.

I really need your help on that one.

Here's the problem, I have a knocking noise coming from the rear left.
It appears when I put some gas in first and second at low speed.
Same knocking noise as a diff bushing

It first appeared when I dropped the whole rear end for some brake job.
When reinstalled it start knocking

I have then changed the arm bushing part n
the lower control arm part n


the rear subframe and diff bushings

the engine and transmission support
and the rear shocks.

The noise was then fixed for a little while but came back recently and got worse.

I haven't got the car aligned yet cause no one has apparently the special tool to do it.
Could something have gotten loose due to the vibration of the car no being aligned?
I have already checked a few bolts removed from the process and everything is tight

I read that it could also be a torn chassis but everything is tidy back there

Could it be the sway bar bushings even though they are in good shape and have been reinstalled under load or maybe the links?

I'm kinda desperate at this point and I don't really want to drop the subframe again

I hope that I made sense

I'm looking forward to reading you guys 馃

2004 330Ci 115k miles
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Best thing is to get the rear end up in the air and start checking all suspension components for looseness. We could guess all day long the possible culprits, including rear subframe mount point, but ultimately you gotta look at the car. Check it thoroughly and report back.

2001 330xi
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Did you torque the rear struts to spec with the wheels on the ground/weight on it? That's often overlooked.

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