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Kmoy2002's - Free carbon key film wrap for your diamond key

  • Diamond Key
  • 2"x3" Carbon Film
  • Template
  • X-acto Knife
  • Tape
  • Cutting Board
  • Heat gun/Blow Dryer
Begin by acquiring a 2"x3" sample of carbon film. If you've tackled prior carbon wrap jobs, you probably have some scraps laying around. However if you are like I who has never wrapped anything in their life, you can acquire a free sample from this site:


Not sure how long they will have this promotion if there becomes a sudden influx of requests.

Next print out the template I mocked up in Photoshop:

Link to the Diamond Key Template

This is scaled 1:1, intended to be printed on a standard 8.5"x11" sheet of paper. Assure your printer is not scaling the image prior to print.

Begin by cutting out the outline of your template alone. Then lay them over your 2"x3" film sample. Do note that this is a extreme fit with zero tolerance. Once you find a good layout, tape it down and begin cutting the outer perimeter. Next begin cutting the inner portions of the template. I found it helpful to cut dead center of the white dead space allowing for a bit of tolerance. ie.

| Cut |
| Cut |
| Cut |

This is where my disclaimer comes in. Since this is not a 100% fitment guarantee, you are going to have to do quite a bit of test fitting and cutting. Once you are satisfied with the cuts, begin applying them to your clean diamond key. Using your heating element will final set the film and make the material more pliable to fit around the contour of the diamond key.

This wrap is not a complete wrap and leaves a potion of the key exposed near the seams. However further research seems to say that the actual product itself faces the same flaw.

With regards to durability and peeling. I have had this for about a week and gone through arduous work days with zero signs of fatigue or failure. This film holds remarkably well.

Overall I am quite pleased with the results as it prevents the key from further wear and tear. I myself am not a big fan of faux carbon and find it gaudy but this isn't too bad.



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Ive ran my mouse over the image and enlarged it then printed , still too small

I switched from Safari to Internet Explorer and printed, still the same size (too small)

Any other suggestions ?
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