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Hello Guys,

I wanted to know if anyone has any links to sites that may have information on what the numbers on back of the key fob are designated for.

I kno the LX8FZE on top is for the antenna amplifier that communicates with the GM5 Module, but what about the rest. :hmm:

I'm asking this because my Key Fob's battery recently passed away. And I did a lil research on replacing the battery.

After doing so much research, I figured, I mine as well find a key fob on ebay that could fully function with my car and program it.

But I had trouble finding any information on the numbers on the key fob. While I did read a lot of success stories on programming a ebay key fob to your car, I have also read about many failures.

I would just like some reassurance that the key fob I order is going to work on my car and not just rely on the word of the ebay seller.

Thanks for any help and suggestions guys. :thumbup:
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