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I honestly don't believe that. If the rear defroster is going to ruin radio reception, imagine what it does for the TV reception. Might as well not go w/ any video in our cars!

Seriously, maybe the guy didn't know that you needed to install the headunit antenna lead to the power lead in the rear window? I don't know. Sounds fishy to me.

If all else fails, that Kenwood supports Sirius - I've got it and placed the antenna on the rear deck (inside) and the reception is AWESOME. After listening to this, who cares about regular FM/AM??

SharifM3 said:
Hello All,
I was interested in getting the KVT911 in my 02 M3. I went to a very reputable and well known installer for some info. According to him if I install that set-up in my car, i will not get am/fm reception, I have no doubts in his knowledge of the equipment. He said he did a 330ci with the same rear defroster antenna only to remove it due to poor reception. My question is, are there any external antennas (shark fin) that can be implemented so the am/fm works?? Any help would be greatly appreciated
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