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Kassel tune: 2002 325xi throttle hang, related to ABS module?

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I’ve been digging and haven’t found a solution that reflects my cars issue..hoping someone has heard of this.

The car has high miles (200k) but all wear parts have been replaced. Brakes operate as they should, no codes present, all is well, etc. I should add, ABS & DSC are (were) functioning correctly frequently tested in CO snow.
Only “mod” is a Kassel tune with downstream O2 sensors and SAP deleted.

Brake & ABS lights came on randomly while driving. Coming to a stop on dry road (no slippage) the ABS pump cycled a few times. It then did it a few other times so I figured it was probably just dying so I unplugged the pump knowing all ABS/DSC were to be disabled. Turns out you lease speedo too.

Here’s the weird part: when I got the car (pre-tune) I noticed that the throttle would hang on pretty significantly once letting off throttle. It also seems a little sluggish but thats fine by comparison. By “hang on“ I mean a full second before it stops accelerating on its own. I’ll say that again..it continues to accelerate for a full second AFTER I remove throttle input. Manageable on dry roads, snow covered can get interesting real quick.
I thought the tune aight take care of it and thought it was improved but still needed work. After chatting with Kassel, I sent the DME back for a revision. No change throttle response.

Back to the ABS pump: when I unplugged it and drove away..I now had crisp throttle response & zero hang...in short, exactly as it should be. I called Kassel and told them what I found, they suggested to start at the ABS pump/module so I did.

In prep I pulled all the wheel sensors to check and make sure they weren’t covered in whatever, cleaned off the minimal junk and reinstalled. The ABS module in mine is 2 piece: the plastic module(dry) that bolts to the distribution block(wet). Seemed like the easiest thing would be to swap the module first before replacing the distribution block and having to open/bleed the system. So, I finally found a module and swapped it with zero change, i.e. it still hangs on throttle when plugged into the ABS module. So, we’re back to being unplugged.

Seems unlikely that it would be something inside the distribution block that would cause what must be an incorrect input to the DME making it respond by hanging on the throttle. I don’t want to just start throwing parts at it, already wayyyyyyyyy over budget on rebuilding this thing Lol.

Please share thoughts or point me in a direction. Also, a BMW tech looked at it and couldn’t make sense of it but didn’t have a BMW scan tool really look. It may just have to go to the stealership..


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Any update on the above?

If it stops hanging when you disconnect the ABS, then there is something going on with the data the ABS and DME are sharing. ABS trouble codes will be clues.
No trouble codes. DSC appears to function as it should And can be turned off still with the button. ABS functions as it should.
Its been scanned by BMW and another shop, no issues.
I have the exact same situation happening to me too. I sent off my module to have it rebuilt and when it came back and plugged it in like you did it still continued to accelerate for a second or so but not as much as it did before the rebuild. Wondering if you’ve found anything out or not
Still diggin. Forgot to mention that I swapped in two different ABS modules with same results. Found an obscure thread about something in the DME firmware maybe causing the issue so I pulled a different DME from a junkyard car and sent to Kassel for a wipe and re-tune. Waiting on it to come back.
well, the throttle hang is an issue...

I'd be looking at data too- as NZ says, the DME THINKS it needs to hold the throttle open,
and it really sounds like it's doing it because of an ABS computer request.
OR unplugging the ABS computer's disrupting the data that the
DME's interpreting as a throttle request.

It's a deep rabbit hole, but then, sometimes the rabbits are at the bottom.

with a powder-puff tail
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Any news or fixes? My 2003 325xi has the same issue.
Any news or fixes? My 2003 325xi has the same issue.
Kassel offered to reprogram another DME if I sent it in so I pulled one from another manual trans 325xi I found in the junk yard. Issue is resolved.

I think I have another one that I forgot I’d already pulled if you want it real cheap. It would need a reprogram though. Shoot me a PM
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