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Shout out to you KC guys, looking for some info on a car I just brought back to Columbia.

02 330i silver on grey, sport, M-Tech 1 rear.
Dinan badge and stickers, homed out of Barron BMW up till 2012

When I got it it didn't have an engine, tranny, or front end parts or wheels. It did however have a somewhat low placed Dinan badge on the back in place of the 330i, and 'Dinan Equipped' in the rear door glass.

Trying to find the original owner so I can figure out what Dinan stuff was on it originally when sold so it can be rebuilt properly. Plus I like knowing the history of my vehicles, some have had an interesting back history.

Perhaps you guys may know, hopefully this thread isn't dead and everyone has gone to Facebook.

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Land vehicle Vehicle Car Alloy wheel Executive car

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18121 - 18127 of 18127 Posts
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