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Kansas E46 Fanatics listen up!

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Hello folks! I'm just looking for all the "e46ers" in Kansas.... I feel so left out :bawling:. I cant find anyone else that does these cars around Johnson County! Met a really cool guy awile back and will be meeting him next weekend you can find his thread here: http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthr...664&highlight= . Other than him the only other person I know Has a 325xi with cheap ass wheels and hes a total douche! HE EVEN KEYED MY CAR AND IS TELLING EVERYONE I COPIED HIS "CAR IDEAS" AND MODDED MY CAR WITH HIS IDEAS BEFORE HE DID! :ben: :censor:. So anyway calling all Kansas E46 Fanatics!
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in for a meet this summer - definetely need to get something going, would love to meet some other local fanatics

glass330 and I are roommates :nohomo:, so if 1 of you guys comes by our house sometime, we've got a meet right there :thumbsup:
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