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K & N air filter came off for last paid service

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Well I took my car in for its 30,000 mile service. I took my K & N cone air filter assembly off and put the airbox back on (don't want any sh** from the dealer about non-factory add-ons)

The engine felt about the same without it. Go figure.

I think the next upgrades will be suspension and wheels. Even Dinan says that the 325 is about maxed out on power and his upgrades are very limited. Anyone here got some big hp boosts from their 325 and what did you add to it?

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:lmao: yea..most people don't realize that the intake isn't THAT big of a mod...the biggest reason I wanted one was just because of the sound. The stock intake is too quiet :)
For the 325 the intake probably helps more than anything else as a bolt on mod. You have to get rid of that restrictive OEM airbox to feel any difference. I have some good numbers from my dynos(check the links in my sig). My current power mods consist of:
Gruppe M intake
Dinan Stage 3 SW
Dinan throttle body
UUC Twin Silencer Exhaust

I want to get underdrive pulleys, lightweight flywheel and a sport clutch all at the same time so I'll have to wait til UUC releases their underdrive pulleys before any of that will happen. I'm finishing up my suspension stuff right now then I think I'm getting some wheels:pimpin:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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