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The technical bulletin indicated that fuel injector cleaners usually require a full bottle of cleaner on the first use. BMW warns that this will cause to much additives when used in combination with premium fuel. This will result in oil break-down and engine failure! (damnit I just changed my oil) I know that a certain amount of exhaust is routed into the oil pan so that it may be burned off in the engine, this is how the additives probably will affect the oil. This bulletin could be for the e36 since it didn't specify a date or model and alot of the advisories I found were for older cars.

I was indicated that from their research, they only see benefit from additives when used in every full tank, even those that claimed to exceed BMW recomendations. Otherwise even cleaners that claimed to use in every fourth tank were not a benefit. One of the things that I don't believe they factored is US fuel. There was a GM study that show the additional fuel additives in unleaded fuels were not a benefit to preventing engine deposits.

To be save since I dumped a whole bottle of redline and filled with premium, I will incrementally put some regular unleaded in as I use more and count the gallons I add in until I dilute the current fuel mixture. The one thing i do know from talking to someone that managed a major chain and manages his own gas station, they buy gas from all the same places. It is the additives the major brands put in that make the difference. the problem is that the major brands require the chain owners to purchase these additives and put them in themselves! Well greedy gas station owners skimp or even skip the additives or sine they previously put some in and the tank has not been depleted, they fill it up and skip the additives! Saves them money. This is why you get gas one week and you car performs great, the next fill up it seems like you have poorer perormance.
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