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I really like the refinement of my 325Ci. Yes
the car has its share of annoying issues, but
overall its a pretty amazing machine. However,
I've never liked the amount of drivetrain movement
allowed by the factory's flexible transmission
mounts (manual transmission).

It is for this reason I bought a set of UUC
transmission mount enforcers (TME). UUC claims
their TME kit will not increase noice or vibration.

Well, the installation was a snap. 1/2 hour max.
Once I started the car, I noticed an increase in
vibration into the cabin. Reving the motor only
made matters worse. Per UUC's instructions, I loosen
the transmission crossmember and re-tightened
everything to make sure the mounts were not preloaded.
This did not help.

The car now vibrates much more than stock at nearly
all RPM. The increased noice into the cabin is not
really that offensive (kind of like the difference
between an E36 M3 and an E46) but its certainly

The mounts work really well, BTW. The drivetrain is
much more constrained. I'm just disappointed that UUC
didn't mention the car's original level of refinement
would be compromised. At this point, I'm probably
going back to stock.

Has anyone else installed the kit on their car? What
are your impressions? :dunno:


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If you havent CALLED UUC yet, maybe you should email them directly.. This board is great for helping out, but if you have a direct question for UUC, maybe it might be quicker (more benifical for you) to ask them direct.

Thats first ive ever herd of that problem after install, maybe something else let go in the driveline?

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I have TME and i have the same exact issues. I too was dissapointed in the way uuc incorrectly advertised their product.

They do perform better than the stock tranny mounts though
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I've posted about this before, and the answer is simple.

The problem comes from installing the mounts incorrectly, either pre-loaded or loose.

When the transmission is raised, if it is done at a sligt angle when the mount bolts are tightened, a certain amount of "pre-load" is introduced. This assymetrical stress will cause vibrations to be transmitted into the car.

SOLUTION: loosen the bushing nuts slightly, drive around the block to let bushings re-seat unloaded, and then tighten the nuts.

Sometimes the installer will leave the nuts (either top or bottom) a little loose (tightening before the transmission support is released) and this will cause vibrations.

SOLUTION: make sure all nuts are tightened properly.

Proper installation should result in virtually no cabin vibration. In some insances, a very slight amount may be present, but that is the expected nature of a stiffer bushing.

Hope this helps!

- Rob Levinson
UUC Motorwerks • http://www.uucmotorwerks.com

P.S. You get this sort of technical assistance much quicker when you wite directly to the manufacturer. No mater what product you use, nobody knows it better than the people who make it, and for your own benefit you should not assume that any of them (including me!) will see your post on a message board. We're always glad to support our products 100%.
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