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I decided to take a risk and go with the cheap non oem clears off of ebay from Racesonic
It took me about 20 mintues to install these in the dark outside my apartment complex. Very easy mod to do.

Fitment on the front and sides are perfect. Comparing the two lights they look identical other than the fact one is clear :) . THey fit just like the oems do. I reconmend these to anyone who wasn't sure about non oem clears.. they fit perfect for me anyway. My tails are on order hope they fit just as well if not i'll just get some oem ones.

I also did the DIY silvervisions and they came out great. I taped just very little area off on the bottom of the bulb and they are not much dimmer than regular. Very easy mod to do.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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