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Just caught a sunset after P21Sing my car. More pics of Satin SSR GT3's

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Used P21S paint cleaner and the P21S Carnuba Wax. Shine is ridiculous!

Camera used was a Canon Digital Elph PowerShot S230(3.2mp)
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another :yikes:
another :yikes: :yikes: :yikes:
another :yikes: :yikes:
MORE :pimpin:
SSR GT3 19x9.5 SATIN :yikes: :yikes: :yikes:
Mmmmmm.... LIP :D
Email me if anyone wants more pics. I have them SUPERSIZED 3.2mp.
Ill probably buy the car after the lease is up. Its only like $22K. I have also been considering a 2nd car....which would of course be my primary car or getting a Honda CBR954RR. Still got 20 payments left. If I do get rid of it, I want an M3.....but 2 years from now, there may be something bigger and better. If I get rid of the 325ci, then you know ALL these MODS will be up on E46Fanatics! :thumbup:

BTW, the modding isnt over yet. Headrest Monitors and LCD head unit and PS2 get installed tomm. :D :D :pimpin:
Took a bunch of sideshots....but the sunset left a shadow....so pics came out too dark. Ill post more pics as soon as my A/V setup gets installed tomm.

Thats from the other night.
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