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1999 328ci supercharged
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Hey dudes,

New to the forum and my first forum post at all.

Thing is, just as the title says, I just bought an e46 328ci M52B28 supercharged with the Eaton M62. I was able to find only one other informative post about it with a chart I'm not fully comprehending.

At this point, I'm sure the Eaton m90 would have been a better fit, but since I already have this, how would it affect things? I presume at 3-4k RPM it would be at the ideal operation for the charger, but what happens after up until 6.5k? Is there anyone who can give me advice on what to expect? Does it mean I shouldn't redline it at all, or will it just lose efficiency and not boost as much, as in lose power. If it loses power, is it still going to be more than stock, cuz it is a roots style supercharger?

Any bolt on chargers I can change easily instead of this one? I know there's variations on the m60 and mines with the short snout, a.k.a. from a mercedes slk.

Thank you for anyone that takes their time to answer.

Much appreciated!
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