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Greetings guys,
There has been a lot of confusion historically about push-in vs. screw-in, etc. With the recent arrival of LED in a bunch of different colors and illumination styles, it gets even more confusing.

Here is a quick post to explain the differences:

Push-In vs. Screw-in:
This comes from the fact that BMW changed the installation method in 2001. Previously, it looked like this:

(E46 Crystal-Smoked, Non-LED, Push-In)

Note the vertical tab on the top. This is a "push in" corner which fits 2000-2001 coupes. It is installed by pushing a horizontal tab (not pictured) down and pulling the corner out. The new one just snaps in (which is why they are often called "snap-in").
The model number for this is 1507 - so if you see 1507 in the model number… it's Push/Snap in.

After 2001, BMW changed this because people were breaking the tabs. From 2002-2004 (or till 06 in the M3, which never gets a facelift), they used screw-in..

(E46 Smoked Non-LED Screw-In)

Note the "U" on the top, this allows a large plastic ring around the screw to affix. These are installed with a phillips head screwdriver.
The model number for this is 1512 - so if you see 1512 in the model number… it's Screw in.

Interesting side note: the front shape is exactly the same, but the back is totally different. They are not interchangeable.

Smoked, Crystal Smoked, Crystal Clear, Clear… Confusion:
This is really confusing, because at times we were only able to get certain fitments in certain colors.

The breakdown is as follows:
Clear: Looks like OEM
Crystal Clear: less textured, with a "circle" of texture in the middle, clear.
Crystal smoked: less textured, with a "circle" of texture in the middle, smoked.
Smoked: Textured like OEM, but smoked plastic
The photos above are a comparison of crystal smoked and smoked, respectively.

Crystal (less textured) always has PXAES or PXAEC (smoked or clear) in the model number.
OE Style (textured) always has a "P" affixed to the number, and usually as AQ-C or AE-S to indicate the color. Basically, if it has PXAE in the model number, it is "crystal".

We try to only offer 2 options per fitment, but sometimes our suppliers ship us smoked when we want crystal.. so right now we have a bunch of non-LED versions on our site, most of them for 1512 (screw in) fitment: E46 Coupe Non-LED Turn Signals

LED vs. Non-LED:
Here's where it gets even worse.
In addition to all the variants above, DEPO now offers LED signals.
As expected, these come in 1512 and 1507 variants for the various cars.
On top of that, they come in Clear and Smoked.
And, on top of that, they come in WHITE LED and ORANGE LED.
The mathematicians in the crowd will know that 2 to the power of 3 is 8… and so there are 8 options, which represent every possible permutation.

(Smoked & Clear. Both appear the same way when the LEDs are off)

You can view those 8 options on our site: LED Front Turn Signals for the E46 Coupe

Note: LED signals do not come with the "textured" style lens… that would just be too many options!

All in all, there are 12 options.
Soon we will be going back to 11, because we only have the 1512 standard smoked by mistake.

Here are some photos of that, act now:

So, ask if you have any questions, that should get you guys well on your way!

Thanks for viewing
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