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OK guys, time to get some trunk space back and start paying more of the car off... Im selling my sub mini-system...

Its a JL 12W7 thats a year and a half old, but just got refurbished by JL Audio (sent it off before extended warranty went out... age had made the speaker less tight)... I have the receipt for the repairs done for proof of this. Also, a semi-square vented box (about 1.3 cubic ft) with the sub

amp is a JL 500/1 thats less than 6 months old.

For BMW guys who just wanna mount the amp on the back of the rear seat, I'll even give you all the wiring which is the perfect length. Install on this with the wiring will take about an hour or less..

Asking $850 for local (Houston/Dallas) guys since shipping on this is about like shipping 2 wheels and tires being that the box is about 14=15 lbs and the sub is around 40lbs... We can talk shipping if serious, of course...

PM or email me since I dont read the boards all day
1 - 3 of 3 Posts