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I decided to sell my subs and amp because I just bought new ones. The Subs are JL W0s and both look and sound great!!! THey have very minor scratches, size of ants, and cant be seen unless you stare at it from like a foot away. Same subs are selling on ebay for around $200 new so Im willing to let them go for around $130 together. My amp is an ALPINE V12 MRV 100M. I dont know how many watts it is but they made my subs bump Clean and hard!!! I also saw that my amp was selling for around $100 new so Im willing to let them go at around $70. The Amp is in perfect condition, not a scratch!!! All together Im looking at $200. IF you want I can hook you up with a new box that fits perfectly in our trunks with or without Harmon Kardon and I mean PERFECT FIT matching carpeting for around $30. THATS $200 for FREAKIN JL 10s and ALPINE Amp. need I say more.

recap: 2 JL 10s: $130
1 Alpine V12 Amp:$70

total: $200
I only want to deal with local buyers for now. (SOCAL)
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