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”top gear m4”

Top Gear's Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson review BMW's powerful new M4. Now, they don't go into any great detail about the M4's performance in the reviews, but it seems like they both felt it was spot on. Have a look at some of what they had to say.

Richard Hammond

Both the M3 and M4 look the part. Both have CFRP (carbon-reinforced plastic) roofs to save weight and feature M-trademarks such as bulging wheel arches and what BMW calls the powerdome on the bonnet and what the rest of us would describe as a bulge.

Inside there’s a load of equipment and a few special details such as illuminated M badges in the bucket seats’ backrests.

In a world in which 431bhp doesn’t sound much, the M4 is truly quick. The engine produces an enormous amount of thrust that never tails away. There’s no surge of power as you get over 5,000rpm. The engine simply pulls all the way from about 1,800rpm. Your licence will always be in danger.

A couple of flaps at the back of the system open to increase the volume of the music and BMW’s engineers have also fiddled with the induction system to create one of the best-sounding cars in ages.

All this for £56,650 (that’s for the M4 – the M3 is £56,190). A lot of money but then this is one of the best sports saloons in the world at any price – and considerably better than its predecessor.

”top gear m4”

Jeremy Clarkson

My love for cars has become narrowed over the years, to the feeling I get when the sun is shining and I’m driving quickly in something that has about 500 horsepower and suspension that’s been set up by a company that knows what it’s doing. I like the feel of cornering. And the buzz of acceleration. And I like to to be air-conditioned when all this is happening. And it’s impossible to get these sensations from anything or anywhere else.

In short, I like cars but only if they are brilliant and new and reliable and comfortable and I can plug my iPod into the sound system and listen to Who’s next. There are very, very few which meet all of my requirements but…. well, let me put it this way, for my birthday, I think I’d be happy with a BMW M4.

See what we thought of the new BMW M4 and the M3 on the street and track here!

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