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JDs MATTE BLACK transformation Adventure

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I left work 9pm thursday drove a total of 800km this night through snowstrom, picked up the M and put on some vintertires, left it at Autoart for the wrap, drove right back to the hotell I live at when I'm working, got there 5am, got up and worked from 6,30 am to 23pm friday, 6,30am today again and guess what, I just got back to the hotel at 1am :tsk: fanatic or what?
THIS MADE MY DAY A LITTLE BETTER Though :excited::excited::excited:

More pics thursday when I get to see the car in person :hi:

I think I'm going to love it :craig:
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what new iForged wheels are you getting (i didnt read all the pages to see if u posted it haha)?
what new iForged wheels are you getting (i didnt read all the pages to see if u posted it haha)?
Daytonas 8,5 och 10,5 20"
Some more pics, and updates


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Damn that thing looks good! :thumbsup:
Oh damn.. so nice..

can't wait for the professional shots
I love the entire car. The black intercooler is siiiick!
amazing. best matt black project on this forum!!!
paint tails, like ///OSS etc... don't like this lamin-x
Tonights progress...

Second layer lamin-x on the rear lights (yellow) reps.
Calipers painted and mounted
All white gaps in dorrs etc finished
Borrowed a friends set of 20" daytonas with matte centers and polished lips, Vinyled the lips and time attack stripes.
I think it works good, but will be better when I get my own set of wider rims with 1" more lip and glossy finsh.
Will complete the stickersetup and interior today/night upuhhh
Hope you like! sorry for the crappy cell pics combind with my parkinson accuracy :rofl:

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Looks badass jay, Can't wait to see it in rudskogen! If i see you there will i say hello? :hi:
verrrrrrrrrrrry nice! did you have to roll your fenders with the 20"?
Very Nice!!! Finally!!! :drool::bow:
BTW what is wrong with the left door moulding?
haha matte'd rims

car looks great! cant wait for prof shots!

White gaps fixed. Darker window tints, rearlight tints, e92 M3 badge, Black Intercooler, Sorry for the bad pics guys. STILL WAITING FOR MY IFORGED!!!

Also, glowing Licenceplate...

Nice to get some help in the garage in the evenings ;)

So sick bro and love the yellow time attack :thumbsup: More pics of the girl too :)
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