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So went to go have my codes read today. I had the abs and dsc lights on. The codes that came up were 11- left front wheel speed sensor, 12- left front wheel speed sensor, and the one that i have a question about is code 98- dsc button. Has anyone ever had the code 98 before? My mechanic said that i should replace the wheel sensor and see if the code 98 goes away but i was wondering what everyone else thought.
Any ideas?
Thanks for the help!

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Ah, yeah..I was researching but found nothing about that one.
Maybe button itself is dead or bad connection might be interrupting. But DSC should work without problem.

There's couple of fuses for DSC, I'd check them see if anything's blown. Cheapest and easiest fix!
I've checked the fuses and they are all fine. So you think I just need a new button?
Thanks for the help!

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Have you figured out the reason?
I have a similar but not quite issue. My DSC button works when I press it briefly: it turns on/off DSC and I see it seeing how the yellow light in the middle of the dash goes off/on. But when I want to turn off DSC and traction by pressing and holding DSC button I see two cases:
1) nothing happens
2) yellow "DSC" light goes on for 20 seconds and during this time DSC button does nothing, when it goes off and everything is back.
According to manual, if you press and hold "DSC" button then "BRAKE" light should go on in yellow meaning traction is off. This is not happening (however, cluster's selftest lights BRAKE with yellow light). My car is 2001 330Ci (built 07/2000), so it definitely has DSC, not ASC+T.
Now why the issue is similar to OP's one. I connected P.A. Soft 1.4.0 scanner and read errors from ABS module and it shows the same code - 98 (hex) or 152 (dec). Description says "ASC button".
I restarted software by the scanner, cleaned error - doesn't help: once I hold DSC button the error is back. If I press it briefly - everything is fine.
My opinion: for some reasons my car doesn't have the ability to turn traction off by holding the DSC button. Once I hold it - DSC module detects it as a short circuit and throw the code.
Another option - something's wrong with the DSC module.
Please, who owns 2001 e46 coupes, try your DSC button, try to turn off traction and report here.

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07/2000 production E46 should have "Bosch" DSC III MK20 version of DSC, it does not have the two stage DSC / Traction control. (DSC light plus Brake light Indicators)
(It is the same as the M3 models!) It also uses a different type of wheel speed senor.

Some info available here :

Model: E46 all versions except all-wheel drive
Production Dates: 6/99 to 9/00

The DSC system comes on every time the vehicle is switched on. The DSC button can be
used to switch the system off. The warning indicator lamp comes on when the system is
manually switched off

Starting in 09/2000 they switched the rear drive E46 (non M3) to DSC III MK 60. This version does have the two stage DSC. I can't find a link to the document I have with this info, it is a BMW E46 TRACTION AND STABILITY CONTROL SYSTEMS PDF I found a while back.

Model: E46 (except M3 and Xi) and E36/7
Production Date: From 9/00

DSC Button
The DSC button is located on the SZM, however the SZM provides no processing, it is
simply a housing for the button which is hardwired to the MK60 control unit.
The DSC Button features two functions that can be set by varying the time the button is
held down for:

Pressing the button again returns the system to normal status. It is not possible to go
directly from one function to the next without first returning to normal status.
Button activation Function Display
Short press Only the yaw control of the DSC is deactivated. DSC light illuminated
<2.5s The ADB and DBC functions remain active.
A higher slip ratio is allowed up to 42 mph for the
purpose of improving traction in slippery
conditions. ASC uses different thresholds.
Long press All ASC, ADB, DSC, GMR (yaw control) and DBC DSC light and general
>2.5s control functions are deactivated. brake warning light
(yellow ABL) illuminated.

Used for service and use on dynamometers.

With the TEVES DSC III MK60 version in my 2003 330Ci, I get a stored DSC error code if I hold the button down for more than 10 seconds:
5E5B DSC Push Button Pressed Longer than 10 Sec Error
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