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I've been looking for a csl trunk but not sure what i want Eurospec or Sauber(from a privatie seller). Sauber is a replica of vorsteiner trunk. Just want to know other peopls opinions on this trunk


flightz71 said:
Hey dude,

I notice you want a CSL trunk and was deciding between vorsteiner and Eurospec.

Does CF matter to you? Like are you going to paint it?

If so, i have a trunk that i MIGHT want to get rid of.

It's made by sauber design which is the brand JLevi used to carry before Vorsteiner. JLevi claims it fits just as well as vorsteiner but they got rid of it because vorsteiner was being a dick and said if you want to carry any of our products, then sauber design has to go.

Anyways, i picked this trunk up, but i might decide to stay stock because i'm having 2nd thoughts on the CSL look.

Here's a thread of one i sold:

and the one in the picture is mine.

As you can see, spot on fitment and the design is a exact replica of a genuine CSL. No handle bullcrap. (It's like if you're gonna rock a fake...make sure it replicates the real exactly or it's gonna look really dumb imo)

Look to get $400 and i'll split the shipping w/you (vs. $750 for a vorsteiner and you pay liek 100 more to ship it!!).

Let me know dude, and pm me with any questions.
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