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And before anyone gets totally shocked, it's an M56 and former CPO.
Yes I knowingly bought the dreaded SULEV.
Tank and pump were replaced under the 15yr/150,000 mile SULEV warranty a couple years ago, as was a shite load of other stuff.
This thing went to the dealer a lot until a couple years ago, that's why it drives so nice, like new, but looks super well used inside.

JMB: Push comes to shove, I figure if everything fails, I'll find a rolled M54 manual and essentially replace everything from the rad to the bumper, lol! It's just labor and time. But it is possible to swap the tank to plastic standard tank with care, gumption and coding. So I'm ok with it.
While it's certainly easily doable, the problem with replacing SULEV components with non-SULEV ones is that it's illegal.
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