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Hi, everybody. i am ameen from Shanghai Hongyuan Lighting & Electric Equipment Company. i am here going to introduce a new type lamp, it is called LVD Induction lamps.
we know Roads are the arteries of the city. The main lighting in street lamps is to meet the pedestrians, vehicles, night operations. Garden lights, landscape lights and street lights, three-dimensional lighting models, and enhance road decorative effect and beautify the urban night, and can also compensate for the lack of street light illumination.
The LVD road lamps with light and reasonable lamp life long, year-round maintenance-free use. High luminous efficiency, good color rendering, instant start work in the ultra-low temperature environment. Compared to traditional light sources, LVD electrodeless lamp make the road surface to achieve better uniformity.
:clap: any comments please let me know.
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