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Interior Xenon lights

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Hey I was wondering if any1 has Interior Xenon lights. What do u guys think of them?
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I Do

Check out my thread. I've got before and after pics for you to judge:

Looks good. I'm thinking about gettin some ; )
:search:........but, I have them and they are great:thumbup:
How much were they and where did u get them from?
They're different/cool -- I got them from bimmertoys.com. Don't remember exactly how much they were, I think about $35ish.
everyone who rides with me at night always compliments me on my xenon interior lights
I think they are a waste of money, not enough difference
carpenterm said:
I think they are a waste of money, not enough difference
Actually there is a big difference:thumbup:
don't they hurt ur eyes when u stare at them??
Thanks for the info pep ; )
Why would you want xenons for the interior? A little too much glare!

Actually, the xenon style interior lights look pretty cool. It might be something I do down the line. Bilsteins are first on my list. Any donations? :D
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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