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Ordered these from Bimmian.com. I wanted a small new mod, and I stumbled across these. Installation is a piece of cake, but the results?

On the plus side, its a quick, easy mod to install and it has a cooler, very light bluish tint to it.
On the downside, I'd say there is easily a 15-25% loss in brightness. More so in the rear and center console, less so with the visors, glove compartment and footwell lighting..

It all depends on what you want. If you were expecting brighter lights, than you will be disappointed. If you wanted a different and cleaner look, then you got it. Despite the loss in brightness, I actually DO like it myself, because I didn't care much for the peachy stock lights and the cooler look goes well with my black/aluminum trim interior.

Here are pics of before and after and you can decide for yourself. If you're in or around Orange County, CA I'll be happy to show you first-hand:

Stock Interior Front Lights. BOTH Map lights are OFF!

Xenon Interior Front Lights. BOTH Map lights are ON!

Stock Interior Rear Lights

Xenon Interior Rear Lights - OUCH! BIG Difference!

Stock Visor vs Xenon Visor Lights - Stock is ugly, IMHO.

Xenon Visor Lights - Aaah, much cleaner

Stock Trunk vs Xenon Trunk Lights

Xenon Trunk Lights

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IMO if they could make these just a lil bit brighter, id be all over it. but agreed, the color is great, but i think on tan it wouldnt be so great unless it was brighter.

I think this thread should be added to the REVIEWS SECTION MODERATORS! Its perfect, its unbiased, and shows side by side comparisons. besides, its about time those red tabs up top get some updates.


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those interior lights are well worth it..love cleaner lights..never thought i had so mant curtesy lights in my car :D great on vanity and foot light..tho the vanity mirror is BLAZING BRIGHT on the freeway...but kul .plus ur car looks bling when u unlock the door if u dont got tint at night:thumbup:

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MachRc said:
plus ur car looks bling when u unlock the door if u dont got tint at night:thumbup:
I must agree... I have 30% tint and it still looks bada$$. I am always getting comments on them, all positive....

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