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Hey guys, here's the deal;

I'm narrowing down my purchase options on a few M3's I've been looking at and scrutinizing in the past week or so. 1 of them that I am seriously considering has a Cinnamon interior, and I don't really care for it. I just wanted to see if anyone would be interested in swapping their IR or plain black interior with me once the vehicle is purchased? The interior seems to be in excellent condition and has about 50k miles on it. The seats have full power and adjustment but are NOT heated. If the set you're looking to swap wiuth is heated, I don't mind, but will not add any cash on top as I simply do not care for a heated set. Looking for a FULL swap. I'll take some hi-res pictures of everything when I go to checkout the car within the next few days sometime.

This is for a coupe btw.

Again, just gauging interest. It could be the deal breaker for me to buy the car or not; if I knew someone was willing to swap.

I'm located in Central NJ.

EDIT: Swap interest withdrawn. Due to some logistical and timing issues with the purchase, I most likely will not be going with the CB/Cinn E46 M3 that I was looking at anymore. Thanks to all those who did express interst though and GL with your search fellas!
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