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This weekend I looked at the interior of my 2002 330i sports touring and although i love the car it just felt pretty dull and tired. i have tan leather seats with black and tan leather door cards, a walnut wood trim with black carpets and black headliner, it all very dark and old looking. last week i sat inside a 2011 Jaguar XFS and its a very plesent place to sit, nice cool blue mood lighting in the door cards with a glossy black center console and aluminium trim surrounding a white interior, yes it was a 20k car but i thought to myself surely i can perk up the interior of my car with a little bit of effort.

I had previously coated the walnut trim with carbon fiber vinyl and it looked good but the durability was poor and eventually the vinyl started to peel. hydro dipping had crossed my mind but its pretty expensive so i passed on that although it would have probably given a great result. the ashtray and little draw below the stereo as well as the center console was also in a very sorry state as its coated in a thin layer of rubber that had scratches in it and made the interior look in bad condition due to 14 years of abuse.

I decided to make a jump and do something about my interior and i am super happy about the results. its a 100% improvement and it only cost me around £50 to do and already other people i know want to do something similar to their interior. I went to my local halfords and purchased a can of aluminium enamel spray paint, gloss black spray paint, grey plastic primer and a can of clear laqure as well as some 1200 and 2000 grit wet and dry sandpaper and a pair of blue interior strip lights, white LED interior replacement bulbs and a 3w resistor.

what i did is below.

removed all the walnut trim including the auto box surround the dash and all door cards I then keyed all the surfaces with 1200 grit wet and dry paper before spraying several light coats of aluminium enamel spray paint (no primer required) leaving to dry before keying again (careful not to rub through) then applying several thick coats of laqure. once dry I wet sanded with 2000 grit till it was flatted back and finally polished to a super glossy shine. people can not physically tell that its not a factory job.

Secondly i got all the trays from the center console and surrounds that are covered in a rubber coating and proceeded to remove the damaged rubber, i found a 2p coin was best to remove this without damaging to hard plastic below. i then sanded what ever residue that was left behind until it was all smooth with no imperfections. i then applied the plastic primer then a few coats of gloss black (thick coats are best to allow paint to set flat) but be careful to avoid over spray again once dry key the surface and apply several coats of laqure. ensure you mask anywhere you dont want paint. once dry again wet sand with 2000 grit and polish to a glossy black shine.

thirdly replace all the interior halogen bulbs with white LED bulbs and wire in the resistor or else none of the interior lights will work pretty simple stuff but gives the interior a crisp clean feel.

finally i really wanted a bit of soft lighting in the car whilst driving at night like the ones i saw in the Jaguar XFS so i installed the blue interior led light strips in the door card trays from the rear shining light forward in the trays in the door card. i ran the wiring through the door into the dash (a bit fiddley) then through the plastic trim into the boot before wiring into the tail light circuit (not the brake light) the reason i wired to here was because wanted the lights to automatically turn on when it got dark off the cars auto system. i tried to wire to the headlight switch in the car but its a sealed unit and all other wiring is so hard to access.

after all this my car is definitely a nicer place to be it looks more modern definatley worth the money i spent. most the money was spent bulbs.

this is all personal taste but i thought i would share what i have done:thumbup:
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