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Hi, guys i need you help in finding the problem with interior dome light. It fades in and out (not just regular flashing) while driving with daylights on. When i turn the headlight switch to off it stops flashing. i removed the whole dome light (the thing with 3 light bulbs on int) and tested it on another e46 assuming it's resistors on it that causes the problem but it did not flashed. So know i don't know what is the culprit.

I checked WDS and found that in these cases the interior lights come on:

1•Interior light switch is pressed
2•Vehicle door is opened (detection via door contact)
3•Crash is detected (recognition via "crash detection" input)
4•Vehicle is unlocked via door lock or remote control
5•Terminal R switched off when headlights were switched on for at least 2 minutes beforehand.
6•Remote control (search function) - press arm button with vehicle locked/armed (wait 10 seconds after arming)

Obviously it's not 1,3 or 6. 2nd should show door unlocked sign on the dashboard and 4th should lock/unlock the doors, so it's not them either, i guess.Don't know what 5th is, assuming it's related to ignition switch, can it cause light to flash?
I ve checked for errors in INPA and Rheingold but no errors.
Also please don't tell me it's GM5 gone bad, as this is the last thing to consider.

So has anyone happened to see this kind of problem? What to check next?
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