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I am interested in buying an intake, but I am not interested in the really loud noise that may come with it.

All my friends with Bimmers don't have any work under the hood.

Do intakes make a honda/ricey type loud noise when installed in a 330? I hate that obnoxious loudness that a lot of cars with intake make. Would there be a way to get the advantages of an intake without that loudness?

I'd like the added performance an intake would provide, but I definitely do not want to make the car much louder than it is. I like the mellow growl it has just fine.

I did a search and found nothing, so all of your help is appreciated.
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With a BMW 3.0L I-6 you'll NEVER have to worry about sounding like a p.o.s. honda.
I beg to differ...throw on an Apexi N1 or Cheapo muffler and I guarantee it'll sound ricey..

As far as intake roar...yes, no matter what you do, doing an aftermarket intake will make your intake louder. The engineers design the stock intake to flow somewhat efficiently but be quiet...which is why you have that huge airbox.

Now..as far as a quieter intake...the true cold air systems that keep the filter out of the bay will seem quieter in the car than an underhood...They are farther away from you and won't resonate as well as the filter would if you have it in under the hood.

You really can't get a "quiet" performance intake...other than changing out your stock airfilter for a K&N...but that is essentially worthless.
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