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I am interested in buying an intake, but I am not interested in the really loud noise that may come with it.

All my friends with Bimmers don't have any work under the hood.

Do intakes make a honda/ricey type loud noise when installed in a 330? I hate that obnoxious loudness that a lot of cars with intake make. Would there be a way to get the advantages of an intake without that loudness?

I'd like the added performance an intake would provide, but I definitely do not want to make the car much louder than it is. I like the mellow growl it has just fine.

I did a search and found nothing, so all of your help is appreciated.
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I have the Conforti CAI. I am not sure if they have one for the 330 yet though :sad:

You will get a nice tone when you step on it and the RPMs go above 4K. Other than that there really is no sound difference with a stock exhaust.

You may here a slight "whistle" noise at certain RPM and throttle posistions (mmm approx 2K and 25% accel). That is due to the increased air flowing through the system. It is definately not the majority of the time though.

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