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Well, I bought my car used.
When I got my aftermarket alarm put in, the guys at the shop told me "someone tried to install an alarm on this car... it's all wired up"
I told them that new BMWs come like that from the factory :lmao:

Well, it turns out that they may have been right :wow:
I went to install my OEM alarm, and found that 2 of 4 or 5 parts were already in place.

In my interior, I found an ultrasonic motion sensor exactly like the one that came in my new kit.

Then, behind the intake cowling, someone had left the square clip for the bolt. It was already in the hole.

Anyways, did anyone else experience this? I guess the previous owner uninstalled the siren and the tilt sensor, but left in the rest.

Anyone think I can sell the extra parts?
P/N is 65 75 6 938 048

Someone with an EKT... how much is that part? Do you think Circle would take it back or something?


call me kev :D
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jlevi said:
Do you think anyone would buy it?

nope... who is going to buy the alarm in pieces when they offer a kit , not to mention buying them separately does not gurantee it's cheaper...

i would just return the kit u bought and just buy the missing parts
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