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I have a Kenwood KSC-BP210 Dual bandpass box with 2 10's and an Kenwood KAC-6201 Amp sitting in my basement outta my old car. What would I need to stick it in my Bmw?

Would I need a new amp for the stock speakers?
Anything special to run it from the OEM deck?
Should I buy a larger amp for the subs ? (Not up to speed on all power issues and stuff, so if I could use more power let me know)

I am planning on getting a custom made system next year but want some bump till then, will this stuff suffice? I just dont want to go out and pour a lot of money in it till next year when I do it all. Any help would be nice. Thanks..

Specs on the stuff I got.

- 2 Large Ports per Enclosure
- Clear Plexiglas View Window
- Concave Dust Cap
- Dual Bandpass Enclosure
- Frequency Response: 26Hz - 150Hz
- Impedance: 4 ohms (each Woofer)
- In-Vehicle Sensitivity: 108dB
- Power Handling: 300 Watts each Woofer
- Two Built-In 10" Woofers: Pearl Mica Injection-Molded Polypropylene Cones

- Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink: with Sandblast Finish
- Power Indicator: Red Logo Triangle

- Bridged Power Output at 14.4V (1kHz, 0.8% THD): 150 Watts x 1
- Maximum Output Power: 350 Watts
- Power Output at 2 Ohms, at 14.4V (1kHz, 0.8% THD): 75 Watts x 2
- Power Output at 4 Ohms, at 14.4V (20Hz-20kHz, 0.08% THD): 60 Watts x 2

- 2 or 1 Channels of Amplification
- Ground Isolation Circuit
- High-Pass Electronic Crossover: 150Hz, 12dB/oct (Switchable)
- Low-Pass Electronic Crossover: 80Hz, 12dB/oct (Selectable)
- Quiet Turn-On
- RCA Audio Inputs: Gold-Plated
- Speaker Connectors: Screw-Type
- Speaker Level Input Terminals: Screw-Type
- Stereo, Mono, or Tri-Mode Operation

- 2-Ohm Stable
- Copper EE-Core Power Transformer
- Noise Supression Filter: Toroidal
- Power Input Terminals: Screw-Type
- Power MOSFET Switching Power Supply
- Power Supply Fuse: 25A
- Secondary Capacitors: 2

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If all you want is more bass, just tap into the factory system and power the subs with the amp, keep the rest stock. Since you already have the equipment, just plop it inthere and see what it sounds like. If you are not happy, you can always upgrade later.

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Yea I am having it installed next week so we will see. Just need something till I do my custom setup.
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