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The BMW i3 may not be the best looking vehicle out there, but it's definitely sparking the interest of a lot of people. How many would you consider a lot? I'd say 100,000 is a good number. That's the number of people who registered to test drive i3, BMW's new electric vehicle.

All this interest has BMW struggling to meet test drive demand as well as production demand. Worldwide, more than 10,000 people have already ordered an i3, and that number continues to grow. Now the wait begins.

If you order one, best case is that you might get one 6 months after the order was placed. Models optioned with the range extender, won't deliver until next June. The full on EV model, will have you waiting until somewhere around next October. In the UK, there is a 5 month waiting list, just do take one for a ride. I'm sure BMW is working on ramping up production, in order to strike while the iron is hot. With this level of interest, if they can get more built, they would definitely sell. BMW's hybrid supercar, the i8, is also attracting a high level of interest. The production run of the i8 for this year is already sold out. If you aren't already on the wait list for one, It's full until 2015!

This is great news for BMW. Maybe their EV gamble will pay off.



1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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